From surfer to traffic exchange owner!

Wow, I am still a person that just surfs but, I am now a traffic exchange owner as well. I am now part owner  of Legacyhits a manual traffic exchange that is innovative and a leader in the industry. We are a social traffic exchange and offer a unique video enhanced downline builder. This is a new trend in the industry and we are the first free to join traffic exchange to offer our members such an innovative downline builder.

We also now have a new game to add a bit of excitement to your surfing called 2 tons of fun. It is a doubler game. You bet one or 2 credits and if you win you can take your winnings or try to double them up to 4 times and  on the fourth time if you are lucky you will hit the jackpot. Now comes the fun part, you not only win the credits in the main jackpot but, there is a social jackpot too. So all those members surfing when the jackpot is won share in the amount of credits that are in the social jackpot. Now that is exciting!

We have also installed 2 chat options for you to choose from. One is an in house chat that is just for the members of Legacyhits to interact with other members of the site. We also have the LFMTE chat installed on the site which allows our members to chat with all the other traffic exchanges on the LFMTE script  that use this chat which at last count was in the area of 86 different traffic exchanges. What a huge advantage that is as you have so many more people to connect with. Social networking is the key to being a success on the internet today.

We also offer a total of 20 CTP badges which one of them is at the beginning of this post. We will be adding more badges in the future. This is also a part of our social atmosphere as our members can brag about the badges they have and talk to other members about the badges. We have a lot of new ideas to make Legacyhits the traffic exchange for 2012. This traffic exchange was truly built by surfers for surfers. We are not going anywhere and are here to serve our members and to move the traffic exchange industry as a whole forward. Watch for the many improvements and new features we add and our members are already experiencing great results due to an active membership at Legacyhits.

The owners of Legacyhits are myself Ken Locatelli and I have 12 years experience in the traffic exchange industry as a surfer so I bring experience and longevity to the site. Then there is my partner Rodney Hage and he brings the social aspect to the site. This guy can talk which makes him a perfect fit to chat with the members. The third partner is Marcus Wahl who is the founder of this great traffic exchange and the innovative partner. All three of us meet on a daily basis and discuss how we can improve our traffic exchange and make it a fun, yet effective place for our members to advertise and network to grow their businesses.


Ken Locatelli

My Top 10 Traffic Exchanges

 Top 10 Traffic Exchanges
1. StartXchange
2. I Love Hits
3. Sweeva
4. ThumbVu
5. Legacyhits
6. Traffic Punk
7. SiteXplosion
9. SurfSkeleton
10. List Surfing

Getting the Most Exposure for Your Ad

I hear it all the time. How do I get my site seen or, how do I get hits to my sites? The answer is rather simple and easy to accomplish. You have an ad that you want the most exposure for and the best results. The best way to get your sites seen is to promote it everywhere. Since I use mainly traffic exchanges to advertise in, I will explain how to get the best results. First of all, you get the best surf ratio as an upgraded member. I try to upgrade at as many traffic exchanges as I can afford to do. I also take my commissions earned and reinvest them upgrading. If you can’t afford to upgrade then the best way to get the exposure to your sites is to list it more than once in your sites list. Most traffic exchanges give you the option of advertising 5 URLs as a free member. So take advantage of this by listing one URL 5 times. This gives you the maximum exposure for that URL. If the traffic exchange is delivering 50 views per URL this gives you 250 views per day for you URL. If you are getting 250 views per day that is great exposure for your URL. Don’t forget about banner impressions and or text ad impressions as these too are huge in getting exposure for your URL. I know that there are a lot of people that say but, they don’t work. I know for a fact that they do work. A text ad is tricky because it is all in the  way it is worded but, they do work. If you find that they are not working then change the wording of the text ad until you get results with it. Banners are making a comeback. I have always used banners as a part of my traffic exchange advertising. so, take advantage of these impressions and watch your results improve. The more traffic exchanges you advertise that one URL in the better your results will be. The key to advertising in traffic exchanges is getting your ad seen as often as possible. The more people see your ad the more likely they will be to click. Whatever you do make sure that you are branding you or any advertising you are using will not be very effective. Whenever and wherever possible use your real name and your picture to help people get to know you. If you are not branding yourself you are wasting credits in  my opinion. If the traffic exchange has chat by all means get involved and talk to the members in chat as this will also help to brand you and get people to know and trust you. People like to buy or signup to things from people they know. If you aren’t using personal branding and aren’t chatting with people they won’t be able to get to know you. You might get some results without branding yourself but,I guarantee you you will get fantastic results through  branding yourself and being social.


Ken Locatelli

Getting Back to The Basics

TE-Basics   is an awesome  e-book written by Blain Jones and Shane Bost . It was written for the beginning traffic exchange user but, as it turned out it benefits anyone that uses traffic exchanges to advertise their opportunities.  This e-book teaches you how to set up your websites in the traffic exchanges, it teaches you what to do and what not to do in traffic exchanges. For the more experienced user and beginner as well it can be used as a tool to help you build your list and to help your list as well by giving them a great gift that will help them to succeed using traffic exchanges. With TE-Basics you will finally learn the true meaning of D.U.S.A.P. and how to effectively use traffic exchanges to promote you and your products or websites. This e-book gives you the ability to re-brand it with your links and give the e-book away to anyone you want to with master resale rights. My suggestion is to take the OTO or one time offer for those that don’t know what that stands for. By taking advantage of the OTO you will be saving ten dollars off the re-brand price. I don’t know about you but, I can sure use an extra ten dollars and that is a great savings for the rights to brand this e-book with your affiliate links. So just click on any of the red TE-Basics links in this post and get your free copy of this great must read e-book today.


Ken Locatelli

Internet Business 101

CTP  which is clicktrackprofit is what I consider the business 101 equivalent on the internet. This is the first step to building a business on line and has all the training and tools necessary for you to start and run a business on the internet. After going through the certification and expert phases of CTP you are ready and able to apply what you have learned to move on to your own business or product. Once you have became an expert you are ready to become a program owner. Don’t get me wrong, CTP itself will earn money for you if you follow the instructions and steps inside the program. The best way to get the most out of the program is to become an upgraded member. As an upgraded member you get random referrals and earn commissions of 50% when your down line members upgrade or make purchases. This program just keeps growing and getting better as time goes on. They just introduced cash badges which you collect and when you reach a certain amount of cash it is automatically sent to your payment processor and you can use it for upgrades or credit purchases. They also have the regular badges that you get daily just surfing not only the Timtech (owner of the program) traffic exchanges but, you can also get badges at other traffic exchanges which I will be making a list of very soon. Most of the other sites have tiered badges which means, you can collect them everyday. A few sites just have one to five badges you collect one time. I am sure I will be writing more about CTP as this program continues to grow and evolve into a great long lasting indtroductory business opportunity.


Ken Locatelli

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